Careers at IPRally


Full-stack developer and AI lead/developer

IPRally is founded on a desire to make a huge impact on how patents are made and analysed. We are on a mission to develop machine understanding of the rules of the patent game, envisioning a world where both the inventors and patent professionals can concentrate on the essential. We see that this has to happen as the amount of data is exploding and pace of R&D is increasing.

We are tackling the challenge with a superb team experienced in the patent domain, Artificial Intelligence and computer engineering. In the technical core are natural language processing (NLP), Bayesian networks and deep neural networks harnessed to take control of massive amounts of patent data using domain-specific models. The engine will be packaged under intuitive and interactive UI solutions that will make IPR more approachable.

We are forward-thinking and want to get things done. We want to understand our clients’ business and daily needs and to shake established practices where it brings value. All this is spiced with positive thinking, freedom of doing and excellent learning possibilities.

Currently, we have open positions for our fourth and fifth team members:

Full-stack developer skilled in or willing to learn functional programming with Clojure/Clojurescript. Experience with PostgreSQL, Google Cloud, Python, data analytics and machine learning is a huge plus.

AI lead/developer skilled in Python, probabilistic models and deep learning. Proven track record with NLP or graph-based AI algorithms, experience with TensorFlow or Keras, as well as the ability and will to do general development where required, is appreciated.

In addition to the possibility of creating game-changing products for the multi-billion dollar IPR market, we guarantee a steep learning curve, the benefits of a relaxed start-up environment and a possibility to contribute to building your dream workplace.

Your contact:
Juho Kallio, CTO
+358 50 561 1873