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On-premise installation for Intellectual Property Offices

IPRally is trained with novelty citation data and is therefore a perfect companion for patent examiners

Ultimate security

Completely offline solution
No sensitive data stored
Fully managed by the Office

Plug and play

Installed on (virtual) servers with easy installation scripts, runs in a docker container and used via web browser in intranet. Compatible with EPOQUE Net. API available.

Powered by Graph AI

The on-premise version uses the same search engine as our online tool and is updated with newest AI models as we train them.

Extreme speed

An indepedent claim, a complete claim set or full specification as such can be used as search input. You get the results in 5 seconds.

Top accuracy

In nearly all cases, you'll pick an X or Y citation for the first office action from IPRally's top results.

Global coverage

About 80 million documents covered from 25 main jurisdictions and all major languages.

Be inspired

IPRally is not a black box - the examiner gets an automatically generated feature chart (graph) of the invention and can control the search by editing it.

Show leadership

You know it: the AI will facilitate patent searches in every part of the IPR value chain soon. The right time to start is now.
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