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Hey startup! Want to get your technology patented? Check our Slush prior art search offer to get started.

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Have you got some technology you would like to get protected? The best way to get started is to conduct a fast AI prior art search with IPRally's Slush 2019 prior art search offer for startups (*).

STEP 1:  Make a search order by describing your technology briefly (max. 1500 characters) in the form below and paying the one-time fee of 250 €.

STEP 2: Our Graph-AI-based search engine will find technically the closest prior art publications from major English-language patent databases (US, EP, PCT) including 15 million patent documents.

STEP 3:  We will compose a report of the most relevant publications and send it to you
by e-mail in 5 working days from your order. As a bonus, your invention will be converted into our knowledge graph format!

STEP 4: You will go through the results and if you think that you have a unique invention at hand, you can contact your favourite patent attorney to get the patent application filed (**).

(*) (Bio)chemistry or is not yet our cup of tea, but everything else goes!

(**) Don't know any of those weirdos? Just ask some recommendations from us - we know some of them well!

All data provided will be handled confidentially. The data is transferred over an encrypted connection and on our end only the relevant personnel shall see the data provided. The results will be sent back to you by ordinary e-mail. See detailed terms and conditions at the end of the form.
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