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Our team of experienced patent attorneys, artificial intelligence experts and software developers is ready to turn the unimaginable into something real.

Patent industry is one of the most traditional service industries in the world. Foundations of the patent system have been laid in the 19th century and surprisingly little has changed after that. If the system was developed today, what would it look like? Are we just used to do things in a certain way without seeing the big picture and today's possibilities?

Feet deep in the foundations of the patent system and eyes taking a fresh look over it, we provide new technology to where it provides maximum impact. We focus on automating tasks that steal resources of both inventors and patent professionals and help them achieve their goals faster. Being able to focus on the essential also means more quality. 

Our hands-on team of passionate industry experts is willing to make the most recent results of machine learning and natural language processing research to serve the patent world. The mix can be something extraordinary.

Welcome to the future of IPR as we see it!

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