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Custom patent classifier

Access, categorize and analyze the global patent landscape using your organization's unique taxonomy.

Patent information through your own lens

IPRally's cutting-edge graph AI classifier can be set up, adjusted and applied in minutes. Learning from your existing categorized data, the classifier brings structure to patent information and gives you immediate insights to your search, monitoring, benchmarking or competitive intelligence projects.

Search intelligence

Get immediate insights to every search, with automatically categorized and labelled results. Use previous labels to speed up your next searches.

Smart monitoring

Get automatic technology alerts, pre-categorized for faster distribution and decision-making in your organization.


Segment, audit and benchmark portfolios to identify technical overlaps. Perform landscaping, monetization, scouting and due diligence in seconds using your own terminology.


Make data accessible to all user groups – search and find data using your own categories instead of keywords and general classes.

Train the AI

Upload your data set to IPRally to train a classifier. A simple spreadsheet with patents and corresponding technology tags gives you a quick start. Alternatively, create the training set on-the-fly in IPRally by tagging patents manually.

Adjust the AI

IPRally will optimize the classification sensitivity for you automatically. but you can easily adjust it for different purposes. High sensitivity will generate more hits but with higher uncertainty, and vice versa.

Apply and iterate

Apply the classifier to any data set, such as search or monitoring results, imported portfolios, benchmarking or competitive intelligence projects, or integrate it in your workflows. Confirm the predictions and re-train the AI.

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