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Custom classifiers let you see the the patent landscape through your own lens


Analyze data sets, whether it’s for portfolio audits, technology landscaping or benchmarking your patents against your competitors’. IPRally provides the insights you need.


IPRally gives you full control over your classifiers, from building them to adjusting and applying them.

Regardless of whether you upload existing training data, or if you generate this within IPRally, we make the process to build a classifier quick and easy. Simply create a dataset that represents your taxonomy, press “Create classifier” and adjust your desired precision and recall.

The classifier will continue to learn from your continued use of it.

Smart monitoring

Save time and resources by having your monitoring results automatically classified into your own taxonomy.

Search intelligence

Let your classifiers guide you in your search projects by having your search results classified according to your own  system.

Get immediate insights about the search results and zoom in on your targets faster.


Share data within your organization and allow your colleagues to search and filter results patent using your own taxonomy. Patent professionals or not, they will get to the point quicker.

The easy steps to custom classification

Upload your historical tags from a file or create a fresh training set on the fly. IPRally gets you started with a minimal amount of training data and in a few minutes.

Multiple classifiers and multi-label classification are supported.

Classifier tags

The trained classifier can be adjusted to fit to your task and organization:

1. Optimize for recall or precision.
2. Fine-tune sensitivity on tag level.
3. Use automatic re-training.
4. Share with your colleagues.

Classifier sensititivty

Get fast insights by applying the classifier on any fresh set of patents: portfolios, search results, monitoring alerts, etc.

Focus you attention immediately to a relevant technology area or use the results for analytics and visualization.

Confirm or reject tags to grow your database and to train the AI further.

Classifier applying

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