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The first AI that thinks like a patent professional

Unique approach

The IPRally engine contains three basic elements. First, a data model which represents how patent attorneys and examiners perceive things when drafting or examining patent applications. Second, the prosecution history of earlier real patent applications, i.e. how patent applications turned into patents (or not) and why. Third, a cutting edge neural network that learns the key logic of patenting using these. An intelligent search engine that thinks like a patent professional is born.

Intuitive user interface

Forget about the complexity and uncertainty of keyword or synonym searches and the fuzziness of semantic similarity searches. Our intuitive user interface helps to define your search target better than ever. A clear target means a more meaningful search. No previous patent experience is needed. Every engineer can quickly define the core of the product or invention he/she has been working on and get an immediate grasp of its originality and patentability.

Tirelessly learning assistant

We keep the engine oiled by training with new patents and search reports published weekly and validate its performance using real patent cases. The engine is trained better bit by bit, word by word and patent by patent.

Curious to hear more about our solution?

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