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Generative AI Additional Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: October 2, 2023

These IPRally Generative AI Additional Terms and Conditions (“Generative AI Terms”) shall apply if the Generative AI module is included in the plan selected by the Customer as stated in the Agreement between IPRally and the Customer or subsequently opted in by the Customer in the Service. These Generative AI Terms shall form an integral part of that Agreement, when applicable. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, the capitalized terms shall have the meaning defined in the Agreement and the Terms of Service.


  • We never send any User-generated content outside our own cloud environment, unless specifically approved by our customers for specific purposes.
  • Modern Generative AI models offer high value in e.g. efficient patent review. We may use models hosted in our cloud environment, or, to speed up providing that value to you, selected and trusted External services that host such models, to provide Generative AI functionalities. 
  • We aim for full transparency and user control of the use of such features, and as high privacy, confidentiality and security of data as possible, as defined in our Terms of Service as well as in these Generative AI Terms.
  • Specifically, we never use External services that claim ownership of User-generated content or use User-generated content to train their machine learning models.
  • While we aim to provide high-quality Generative AI functionalities, we make no warranty that their outputs will be correct or accurate, and we recommend checking the outputs from a primary source before using them.

Generative AI functionalities 

Modern generative AI models offer high value in patent information-related tasks, such as efficient review, filtering, summarization and analysis of search results or patent portfolios, as well as other advanced functionalities. To deliver that value to our customers, we aim to use such models to offer such functionalities (“Generative AI functionalities”) as optional functionalities. 

By approving these Generative AI Terms, you (as the Customer) give the consent to enable Generative AI functionalities for the users of your organization and assure that you are in a position to do so. 

You can disable the Generative AI functionalities at any time.

The scope of Generative AI functionalities

Generative AI functionalities are always marked with a specific identifier, such as an icon. You will see the identifier always before you choose to use such functionalities.

Current and planned Generative AI functionalities include:

  • “Ask AI” feature that can be used to ask questions about or give instructions for analyzing individual or multiple patents.
  • “AI Filter” feature that can filter patent data sets using Generative AI models based on the user’s instructions.

More Generative AI functionalities can be added by us, provided that they are marked with the identifier.

Use of External services

Generative AI models are large, and their hosting with meaningful service bandwidth can be expensive. While our long-term aim is to host all models and services within our own cloud environment, we may choose to use model hosting services that operate outside our own cloud environment (“External services”) to offer Generative AI functionalities at reasonable cost and deployment speed. Some functionalities also require sending of specific User-generated content to External services.

We may also host our own Generative AI models or use models hosted within our cloud environment by our cloud service provider. For the sake of clarity, these are not External services. 

Our Terms of Service disallow sending User-generated content to External services without the explicit consent of the Customer. These Generative AI Terms specify:

  • The scope of Generative AI functionalities that may utilize User-generated content
  • User-generated content External services may use
  • External services and terms and liabilities applying thereto  

User-generated content External services may use

Generative AI functionalities work based on input prompts (“Prompts”), part of which may consist of the user's input forming part of User-generated content. User’s input may be sent to External services as part of Prompts. User’s input may include text input in a specific text field and/or input chosen by the user from predefined input alternatives.

We will never use previously stored Customer information or users’ personal information as part of Prompts. We will not use search queries, technology tags, comments, or parts thereof, or any other previously stored User-generated content as part of Prompts without the user specifically including that in his/her input.

Examples regarding the current Generative AI functionalities:

“Ask AI” feature: 

User-generated content includes only the questions that you enter to a question field or choose from predefined default questions. Example: User asks a question “What are the benefits of the invention?” about US patent 9,000,000. The content we may send to External services as part of the Prompt includes: 

  • the question (“What are the benefits of the invention?”), 
  • publicly available data (specification and bibliographic data) of US patent 9,000,000, and 
  • our proprietary prompt, which includes no customer or user-specific information and no User-generated content.

Details of upcoming Generative AI functionalities can be added by us. 

External services and terms and liabilities applying thereto 

IPRally only uses External services that are evaluated to be trusted services, with the following minimum requirements:

  • The providers of External services do not use the input prompts for training their machine learning models using the input prompts, AND
  • They do not claim ownership of the inputs, i.e. you will retain the ownership of all User-generated content in accordance with IPRally’s Terms of Service.

We may use the following trusted services as External services through their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs):

External services may be added to the list of trusted services and used for providing Generative AI functionalities at the sole discretion of IPRally, provided that they satisfy the minimum requirements mentioned above. External services may also be removed from the list of trusted services.

Disclaimer regarding the output of Generative AI models

You acknowledge that the outputs of the Generative AI functionalities are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. IPRally makes no warranty that the outputs of the Generative AI functionalities will be correct or accurate, and we recommend checking the outputs from a primary source before using them. You assume the entire risk arising out of the use of the Generative AI functionalities and outputs thereof. To the extent that we may not disclaim any warranty as a matter of applicable law, the scope and duration of such warranty will be limited to the minimum permitted under such law. 

Changes to Generative AI Terms

We may revise and update these Generative AI Terms from time to time in our sole discretion. If you continue to use the Generative AI functionalities after we post the updated Generative AI Terms or otherwise give you notice of such changes, it means that you accept and agree to the updated Generative AI Terms. If you do not accept the updated Generative AI Terms, you must not continue to access or use the Generative AI functionalities.