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November 26, 2018

Our story so far

The story of IPRally in a nutshell. From initial questions to validation of ideas and a working product.

It's been quite a journey up to this point. I mean everything that has happened since the decision to start building a patent AI company.

At that point, having drafted hundreds of patent applications and manually analysing a manyfold number of other patents, there was only a bunch of questions:

- Could a computer learn the basic principles of patenting somehow?
- How to maximally utilize all the patent data available and particularly the collective intelligence hidden in the data?
- Since the same pattern of thought repeats for every invention and every piece of prior art in patent attorney's head, is there something that could be automated?
- As practically all relevant prior art is available on the filing date of the patent application, it it really necessary to struggle 5-10 years to get the patent?
- And finally, how to make something useful out of these thoughts?

Extensive discussions with AI experts, software developers and clientele convinced that these are not only interesting problems, but also worth solving in practice. Initial list of over a dozen product ideas was reduced first to a few and finally to a single one: An intelligent search engine that would serve as such and in the future as a workhorse for other products. A search engine that thinks like a patent professional.

Building a super talented team who are also inspired by complex problems and diving into deep development mode for several months took us where we are now. Pilots are starting with industry-leading partner companies. We are committed to both improving the product based on user feedback and developing it according to our long-term vision.

We wish that the new website just launched will help you to keep up with our developments, products and offerings.

Stay tuned!

Written by

Sakari Arvela

CEO, Co-Founder