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April 17, 2024

Press release: Revolutionizing Patent Review – Groundbreaking Conversational AI Launched by IPRally

Helsinki/Los Angeles, 17 April 2024

IPRally Technologies, the patent AI company based in Helsinki, Finland, today introduces multi-patent Ask AI, the latest breakthrough in AI-assisted patent review. This innovative feature, an extension of the acclaimed Ask AI launched last year, empowers organizations to get strategic and competitive insights from large datasets and patent portfolios.

"With Ask AI, which was launched last year, we successfully addressed the very core of the patent review challenge, namely the understanding of the technical substance of individual patents. Now, we extend the feature to tackle large datasets, such as search results and patent portfolios. For patent professionals and organizations, it will save a tremendous amount of resources, and unlock completely new use cases. It is also an important contributor to our mission to advance the quality of IP rights and accelerate innovation”, said Sakari Arvela, CEO and Co-founder at IPRally.

"Most organizations face new challenges in fast moving environments, and understanding the details as well as the big picture is becoming increasingly important. Getting to the core of what a patent, or a set of patents, describe is part of this. With multi-patent Ask AI, we're providing organizations with a tool to very quickly answer these questions with confidence and precision", said Andreas Cehlinder, Chief Commercial Officer at IPRally.

About multi-patent Ask AI

The heaviest burden in patent research usually lies in reviewing search results, particularly given the significant simplification of the search element by AI in recent years. Multi-patent Ask AI builds upon the success of the Ask AI feature, extending its capabilities to handle large sets of patent publications for streamlined review processes, and deriving custom insights from entire portfolios. Designed with flexibility, user convenience and factuality of answers in mind, multi-patent Ask AI enables users to effortlessly get on-spot answers to their daily patent research or strategic level questions from multiple patents simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual review and saving valuable time and resources.

About IPRally

IPRally Technologies is a Finnish software company founded in 2018, with the mission of providing effortless access to technical information, advancing the quality of IP rights and accelerating innovation. IPRally provides explainable AI for patent research and intelligence via an intuitive web platform, enabling intellectual property and R&D professionals to be more productive and make better decisions. The platform is utilized by corporations, patent law firms, academic institutions and public patent offices.


Sakari Arvela
CEO and Co-founder, IPRally

Andreas Cehlinder
CCO, IPRally

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Written by

Andreas Båsk

Marketing and Communications Manager