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June 14, 2023

Press release: The Finnish Patent and Registration Office and IPRally deepen co-operation in using AI to facilitate patent examinations

After a public procurement process with rigorous performance and security audits, the solution has been made available to the office's 110 patent examiners as an online tool.

Helsinki, June 14, 2023

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) has chosen IPRally as their artificial intelligence based patent search software. After a public procurement process with rigorous performance and security audits, the solution has been made available to the office's 110 patent examiners as an online tool. Prior to this, PRH used a limited on-premise version of IPRally for three years. 

IPRally enables Intellectual Property and R&D professionals to find, analyze and classify patents efficiently using machine learning. In an industry where AI initiatives have been black box systems, IPRally shifts the paradigm to explainable AI that puts the control in the hands of the user. IPRally's proprietary Graph Neural Network model is designed for and trained with technical data, with the aim of finding the most relevant individual patents within its global patent database in an automated manner. This converts into better hit accuracy, significant time savings, and eventually better patent grant decisions and stronger patents.

As the patent authority in one of the most innovative countries in the world, PRH constantly looks for new ways of increasing the quality of the patents they grant. Utilizing artificial intelligence in the examination process plays an essential role in this. Data security was crucial when choosing the right AI solution, and IPRally, which is ISO 27001 certified, met the strict requirements set in the procurement for the tool.

“We have used IPRally for three years, and the tool has been very well received among our examiners. Before transferring to the cloud based version, we invested a lot of time and effort to stress test IPRally's data security, which turned out to be impeccable. On top of that, we carried out extensive performance tests where IPRally exceeded our expectations. This is primarily a quality investment for us. We see a lot of improvement in patent quality thanks to AI at the moment, and not only at our office – it’s something that benefits the whole value chain and all stakeholders”, said Jorma Lehtonen, Head of Customer Relations and Legal Affairs at PRH.

“IPRally’s mission is not only to make technical information accessible and understandable, but also to improve the quality of patents. Co-operation with Intellectual Property Offices allows us to do just that. It is for everyone’s benefit that the examination process is efficient and that its outcomes are of the highest possible quality. This is the way to build trust in the patent system and to expand its use for the good of society. We are happy that the Finnish Patent and Registration Office continues to be a trailblazer with its adoption of AI”, said Sakari Arvela, CEO and Co-founder at IPRally.

About IPRally Technologies

IPRally Technologies is a Finnish software company founded in 2018, with the mission of providing effortless access to technical information, advancing the quality of IP rights and accelerating innovation. IPRally provides explainable AI for patent research and intelligence via an intuitive web platform, enabling intellectual property and R&D professionals to be more productive and make better decisions. The platform is utilized by corporations, patent law firms, academic institutions and public patent offices.

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About The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) 

PRH registers companies, associations, foundations and other organizations and corporations, as well as enterprise mortgages and LEI codes. They examine and grant patents and register utility models, register trademarks for products and services and provide design protection. They also oversee and approve auditors and monitor foundations and the collective management of copyright. Nearly 2,000 patent applications are filed at PRH each year, and the office currently employs a team of 110 patent examiners. 

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Sakari Arvela
CEO and Co-founder, IPRally

Jorma Lehtonen
Head of Customer Relations and Legal Affairs, PRH


Press release in English (pdf)
Press release in Finnish (pdf)
Press release in Swedish (pdf)

Written by

Andreas Båsk

Marketing and Communications Manager