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The first AI that thinks like a patent professional

Unique approach to patent searches

The IPRally search software is built around three key elements. First, a graph-based data model which represents how patent attorneys and examiners perceive things when drafting or examining patent applications. Second, the prosecution history of earlier real patent applications. Third, a cutting edge neural network that learns the patenting logic using these. An intelligent search engine that thinks like a patent professional is born.

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Fresh user experience

IPRally combines user control, speed of searching and unmatched search accuracy:
• Visual and intuitive user interface
Proven relevant hit finding performance
Search time about 3 seconds
Built-in semantic and technical understanding
Automatic relevant passage highlighting
Iterative search
Technology monitoring

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Continuous learning and growth

We keep the neural network oiled by training it with new patents and search reports published weekly and validate its performance using real patent cases. The database covers about 100 million patent publications from all major countries and patent systems.

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