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You and the AI on the same wavelength

Technology comes in all shapes and sizes, but practically all inventions have a logic that can be structured in a similar way. The knowledge graph is the perfect way of expressing this structure. Combined with a neural network trained with global patent data, the search power is unmatched.

Discover the simplicity of automated feature extraction and an AI that understands natural language. More stuff done, less noise. It just works.


Get relevant results free from noise.
Find documents that you would otherwise miss, like incorrectly classified patents and accidental prior art.


Get your search results in a few seconds.
Analyze them faster than ever with the help of
relevance ranking and dynamic highlighting.


See why the search results are relevant, and how the AI understands your technology and the prior art.


Manipulate the knowledge graphs or flag the best
hits to improve the search results.

Graph revolution of patent search and intelligence

Knowledge graphs bring patent search and intelligence to new levels. Instead of reading text, our deep learning models ingest compact graphs that contain not only technical features but also their essential relationships in a natural way - in all major fields of technology.

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The most accurate search results in the world

Our neural network is trained with millions of real-world patent cases and has learned to mimic the work of patent examiners. Except for the speed! In only a couple of seconds you will get the most relevant hits out of tens of millions of patent publications.

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Not a black box

Find out quickly why the search suggests that one exotic result! The graph approach allows you to see what the search tool is thinking and makes it easy and fun to investigate the results. You save time and get a better understanding of the relevant content of prior art.

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