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Designed and trained by patent professionals to make searching an enjoyable experience


Quickly define your invention as free text or using our unique graph editor to assess whether it’s novel and patentable or not.

Our customers report up to 75% time savings with maintained or increased quality.


Find the document you couldn't find elsewhere.

IPRally has been trained with examiners’ novelty citations to find the most relevant documents, without the technical limitations of traditional methods. Simply point to the relevant parts of the patent and press search.

Customers report that IPRally helps to overcome challenges with misclassified or incorrect data, and can find the relevant art quicker.


Monitor technical areas or competitors and get regular reports of pre-qualified and relevant patents.

Share results with colleagues, and have the results pre-classified using IPRally’s Classifier.


It takes a village to review patents. This is why the ability to share, annotate, classify and save patent searches and search or monitoring results is an integrated part of IPRally. Get your colleagues on IPRally and start collaborating now!

Freedom to operate

Feature matching is what IPRally is all about, and Graph AI has the ability to focus only on the claims of patents that are potential blockers for your product, in the geographies that are relevant to you.

Graph revolution of patent searching and intelligence

Knowledge graphs are like interactive and automated feature charts of patents. They make possible for the computer to reach and exceed human level understanding of technology.

All technical features and their essential relationships and interactions are expressed in a natural and visual way.

And technology, like mechanics, is all about relationships and interactions.

Graph of displaying a mechanics search

In electronics, the terminology used is very similar from patent to another. The functional connections between elements are crucial.

The connections can be powerfully expressed using graphs to enable accurate patent searching and classification.

Graph of displaying a automotive search

Software related patents are hard to search for. The same terms keep repeating in millions of patents, the differences being in nuanced functional details in ponderous texts.

Graph AI is a great companion with software. It can build understanding of complex technical operations and find matching patents - without getting exhausted.

Graph of displaying a software search

In chemistry, there are a lot of chemical names, attributes and numerical values and ranges.

Our graph parser extracts all those to an easy-to-read format and the AI is trained with real-life claims and cited prior art to interpret and understand their meaning.

Graph of displaying a chemistry search

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