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IPRally is a web application designed to help you be more efficient and successful in your patent and R&D work. Our proprietary Graph AI is designed and trained by patent professionals to think like one, and to be the assistant you always wish you had.

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AI patent search

Find the most relevant patents quicker for any type of search. Use free text, a patent number or our unique graph editor to get started in seconds.

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AI patent classifier

Categorize patents using your own taxonomy to understand the patent landscape faster. Train a custom AI classifier in minutes and apply it to any data set or link to a monitoring profile for automated technology insights.
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Unique knowledge graph approach and user experience

Pre-trained AI for all fields of technology

IPRally uses knowledge graphs and Graph Neural Networks to enable deep understanding of technology. The AI is trained with examination data from all technical fields to learn the patent logic and is ready to spot the relevant patents from the global database.

Not a black box

Knowledge graphs take the AI search experience to a new level.

Build the trust: Graphs are visual feature charts and represent how the AI perceives the technology. No need to search blind anymore.

Keep the control: Interact with and manipulate the graphs to re-direct searches in an intuitive way.

Understand why: Deep level AI highlighting shows the relevant passages of the hits to cut the analysis time to a fraction.

ISO 27001 Certified

IPRally holds an ISO-27001 certification, which means that we live up to the international gold standard that details the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system.

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